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Rates and reviews on some of my favorite children's book. Also, how I could implement them in my future classroom!


Corduroy - Don Freeman

Corduroy is another children's book that I loved in elementary school. The story is about a teddy bear (and who doesn't love teddy bears, right?) in a department store. A little girl's mom won't let her have Corduroy because he's missing a button, but the little girl returns to the store later on and purchases Corduroy with her own money and sews him on a new button. The lesson behind this story is to accept people for who they are. This is an adorable book and would be a great one to read to kindergarten or 1st graders. I would use this book to help encourage students to accept people and their differences. This is a children's classic and I absolutely love it. The intended audience for this book is children aged 3-7.