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Rates and reviews on some of my favorite children's book. Also, how I could implement them in my future classroom!

Pete The Cat, Rocking In My School Shoes

Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes - Eric Litwin, James Dean

I had never heard of "Pete the Cat" books until last semester. Since then, I have read several of them and I love them all. In this book, Pete isn't scared to go to school because he has on his totally awesome red school shoes! I would use this book on the first day of school to help with those "first day of school jitters". It will teach the students that Pete isn't scared to go to school, so they shouldn't be either. I would use this book in a Kindergarten classroom. The intended audience is grades K-2. 

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves! by Colandro, Lucille [Cartwheel Books, 2010] Paperback [Paperback] - Lucille Colandro

This is a very cute book. The whole "There Was An Old Lady" series of children's books are very cute to have in your classroom. There are songs to go along with the books to help make the books more fun for the children. I would use this book in my classroom when we are talking about the changing seasons, from summer to fall. After reading the book, you could take the students on a walk around the school and point out the leaves that are changing colors and falling to the ground.   You can have a lot of fun with these books. The intended audience for this book is grades Pre-K to Kindergarten. 

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace - Mary Hoffman, Caroline Binch

I read this book as a child and was reminded of this book when Mrs. Gilmore read it to our class. I love this book. I think books that have a lesson behind them are extraordinary to have in the classroom as your students grow. This book could be used when teaching diversity. I also feel like this would be a good book to read to kindergarten when school has just begun because they are new to school and may not have been around a bunch of different kids before now. It is important for them to know that everyone is different and you shouldn't be mean to someone just because they are a little different than you. The intended audience for this book is grades K-2. 

Punctuation Takes a Vacation

Punctuation Takes a Vacation - Robin Pulver, Lynn Rowe Reed

I recently bought this book to go along with my minilesson for Dr. Raulston's class. I am so glad I bought this. It is a very cute book that helps teach punctuation. I would use this book in my 2nd grade classroom to help them understand the importance of using punctuation when they are writing. You could make the postcards that are in the book and have the students get into groups and try to figure out which punctuation is taking a vacation by the description given in the post card. You could also have your students come up with their own sentences using the punctuation listed in the book. The intended audience for this book is grades K-2.